Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

Batteries - Our fresh hearing aid batteries are only $5 for an 8-pack. That’s about half the price of most hearing aid clinics and typically much lower than the drugstore. We also offer a battery-by-mail service when you want to save a trip.

Hearing Aid Dryers - With the combined difficulties of hearing aids operating in a difficult environment for electronics (the ear canal) and because we live in the Pacific Northwest it's a good idea to think about using a hearing aid dryer at least occasionally. Most of the hearing aids we carry have a moisture protective barrier but accidents happen. Hearing aid dryers range from basic (desicannt beads) to more sophisticated options with built in UV disinfection.

Wax Guards - Wax guards are used to keep wax and debris from getting into the speaker of the hearing aid. While most hearing aids nowadays use Ceru-Stop wax guards there might be a need for older versions like springs.

Wireless Accessories

For a free demonstration of our wireless accessories please call or email to set up an appointment 

TV Streamer - Crystal clear stereo sound streamed directly to your ears from up to 23 feet away.

Micro Mic - Extremely easy to use, the ReSound Micro Mic pairs to any ReSound wireless hearing aid in seconds. Clip it on to the clothing of the person you want to talk to and enjoy the conversation, even in background noise – or be able to hear the person more than 80 feet away.

Multi Mic - Get all the benefits of the Micro Mic and use it as a table microphone that picks up all the sounds around it. Connect with loop and FM systems*, and use the mini-jack input for streaming audio from a music player to your hearing aids or other device.

Phone Clip Make crystal-clear phone calls, mute background noise while you talk, and stream music, podcasts or any other audio from your phone.