Who Should Consider ITE Hearing Aids?

Couple Selecting Hearing Aids

In-the-ear hearing aids are ideal for individuals with mild-to-severe hearing loss and can be equipped with a number of different features. These devices offer discreteness, but aren’t as small as most canal options, making them suitable for even individuals with dexterity issues.

When determining if an ITE device is right for you, consider if any of these factors fit your lifestyle and hearing loss needs.

People looking for discreteness

There are a few different types of ITE devices, but all of them are discreet and offer easier handling than canal hearing aids. The ITC hearing aid is worn in the outer ear bowl and can be made skin tone to offer even more of a natural appearance. Additionally, because they are contained in the ear, they also don’t catch on things as easily as a behind-the-ear model might.

People with mild-to-severe hearing loss

The ITE hearing aid is suitable for individuals with mild-to-severe hearing loss and can be customized depending on which features are most important to you. From directional microphones to Bluetooth connectivity, the ITE hearing aid is a piece of technology that offers versatility.

Additionally, an ITE hearing aid is typically less susceptible to picking up wind noise than a BTE and the IIC and CIC models. Meaning they can provide a natural listening experience with fewer feedback issues.

People looking for easy handling

Despite being small enough to be discrete, ITE hearing aids are still easy to handle, insert into your ear and change batteries. The pieces are still larger than canal counterparts, making them suitable for people with varying degrees of dexterity. Additionally, ITE devices typically have a small handle making it easy for your to insert into your ear and remove, meaning you’ll get the proper fit and deal with sound distortions less.

This also means cleaning and maintaining your device won’t be difficult, which can help preserve the life of your hearing aid.

When determining whether or not an ITE device is the right type of hearing aid for you, talk with your hearing care provider about any concerns or questions you might have. They will take into account your hearing loss, budget and lifestyle needs, and make the best recommendation for you.

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