What is a Hearing Instrument Specialist?

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If you’re experiencing issues with your ears or hearing, it’s a good idea to visit a professional to have your hearing health evaluated. For many people, this means visiting a hearing instrument specialist (HIS).

With that being said, it can calm any pre-appointment nerves if you have more knowledge on hearing instrument specialists and what might occur at the appointment.

What is a hearing instrument specialist?

A HIS can often come under many different names. So, if you’ve been referred to a hearing aid specialist or hearing aid consultant, then you’re seeing the same person.

A HIS a hearing professional that deals with patients suffering from various hearing problems. It's the job of a hearing instrument specialist to analyze each patient and recommend the best hearing aid as a solution to their issue.

Unlike many other hearing professionals, a hearing instrument specialist will primarily concern themselves with adults. Hearing instrument specialists typically study age-related hearing loss and similar forms, so they are most familiar working with adults and seniors.

Hearing aid experts

As you can imagine, hearing instrument specialists are experts in all things involving hearing aids. They will have a huge selection of different instruments and can talk to you about all the features. If you ever need a hearing aid, then it’s highly recommended you see a hearing instrument specialist so they can talk you through the best options and find the ideal one for your particular needs. They will answer any questions you have regarding the instruments, and also have the ability to figure out which features are most worthwhile for your hearing condition.

Hearing instrument specialists are also incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to fitting and programming hearing aids. Part of getting the most out of your hearing device is ensuring you have the proper fit – physically and setting wise. So visiting a HIS means you will get a hearing aid tailored to your specific needs, making your transition to wearing devices easier.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss or think it may be time to update your hearing aid, schedule an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist in your area. The HIS will take into account your hearing loss, your lifestyle preferences and your budget and recommend the best hearing treatment available for you.

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