What Hobbies Put You at Risk for Tinnitus?

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Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing sound that occurs in your ears. It can last for a few seconds, minutes, hours or even days depending on the severity. It has many causes and is often known as a subjective sound, meaning that only you can hear it. There are a few rare cases where hearing specialists have encountered objective tinnitus, but this is far less likely to happen.

In any case, dealing with tinnitus can depend on its severity. For instance, experiencing tinnitus for only a few minutes might not affect your life at all, but someone that deals with it for hours when they’re trying to sleep can very easily get frustrated and it will negatively impact their life.

Developing tinnitus is actually easier than you think and everyone is at risk. So to help you out, we’ve put together a few of the most common hobbies that will put you at risk of developing tinnitus and what you can do to prevent it.

Playing music

Playing music, regardless of your instrument, can put you at risk if you’re raising the volume too high. If you play at a concert or a small venue, you might also be at risk of developing tinnitus unless you use earplugs to help dampen the sounds. As long as you keep the volume at a normal level, you likely won’t develop tinnitus.

Power tool usage

Whether it’s trimming hedges or gardening, any kind of power tool could cause tinnitus if it produces a loud noise for an extended period of time. Lawnmowers and leaf blowers are prime examples of power tools that need to be used with hearing protection or else the extended exposure could harm your hearing. This also includes smaller handheld tools such as an electric saw, a drill or even a blow dryer.


Whether it’s at a controlled firing range or on a field shooting clay pigeons, it’s vital that you wear hearing protection because the sound from a gun can cause major damage to your hearing if you’re not careful. The loud noises will typically cause the ringing sensation of tinnitus if your ears aren’t protected, and exposure to this over a long period of time can easily damage your ears.


Motorcycles are very loud machines that roar whenever they reach a high speed. Without ample hearing protection, an extended ride can easily cause a ringing sensation in your ears and could cause permanent hearing damage if you do it every day. It’s vital that you try and protect your ears with ear muffs or pads built into your bike helmet.


If your hobby is going out to parties, visiting concert venues and crawling nightclubs, then you may want to invest in some temporary hearing protection because those party areas are notorious for their loud music and sounds.

As you can see, many everyday common hobbies could cause tinnitus especially if you’re exposed to loud noises on a regular basis. The main way to counteract the development of tinnitus is to wear hearing protection and to have regular ear examinations from your hearing health professional to ensure that nothing abnormal is happening to your ears.

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