What Can You Expect When You Visit a Hearing Care Professional?

What Can You Expect When You Visit a Hearing Care Professional?

If you are dealing with any auditory issues or hearing loss, the best thing that you can do is book an appointment with a hearing care professional. The problem is that many people choose to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to their hearing health. Just as you would with your sight, you need to look after your hearing. A good hearing instrument specialist will be able to offer you the right advice, look into your hearing issues and test them to confirm a diagnosis. 

The hearing care provider that you visit should also be able to recommend you a hearing aid brand, adjust it to suit your personal requirements and can give you as much information as possible on your hearing issue. They should also be able to talk you through what you can expect on your first visit to a hearing care provider.

What is a hearing care professional?

When you need someone to look at your hearing, you call for a hearing care professional. There is a range of professionals that are qualified to test for hearing loss, including a hearing instrument specialist and they can recommend hearing aid solutions and fit those hearing aids for you when you need them.

What to expect when you visit a hearing care professional

Knowing what to expect at your first appointment with a hearing health specialist will help you come prepared and be more comfortable. You’ll be taken through a lifestyle assessment, a hearing test and a thorough consultation with a hearing care professional. The hearing care professional will talk you through the visit as you go, answering all questions along the way that makes sense to you. Let’s go through the pieces of the assessment that you should expect:

Lifestyle assessment

This is a technical interview of the patient to understand your condition better. Your personal hearing situation matters, from whether you are a concertgoer, or you work on a construction site. These questions will cover your daily needs and talk through your leisure time and what you like to do in your spare time. The more they get to know you, the better they can understand your needs and do more for you as a hearing care professional. They can then give you the right advice for your hearing treatment.

Hearing tests

These will give your hearing care professional the information that you need on your hearing performance. You’ll be asked to sit in a room that has been equipped with headphones and play sounds to you to assess your level of hearing. You’ll then speak to a hearing instrument specialist to figure out which hearing aids – if any – are right for you and your lifestyle. 


Based on the information provided in your background discussion and the hearing tests, you should be able to get a good idea of whether or not you will benefit from using hearing aids.

Hearing aids come in a plethora of different styles to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Behind the ear (BTE): BTE hearing aids rest behind your ear and connect with a tube or small wire to a receiver in your ear. These are recommended for individuals with mild-to-profound hearing loss.
  • In the ear (ITE): ITE devices sit in the outer ear bowl and come in a variety of shades tot blend with your hair or skin tones. These hearing aids are ideal for individuals with mild-to-moderately-severe hearing loss
  • In the canal (ITC): Hearing aids worn in the canal are the smallest variety of these devices and come in both completely in canal (CIC) and invisible in canal (IIC). They are worn in the canal and suitable for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

The hearing instrument specialist that you see will be able to talk you through any hearing aid questions that you have, including the pros and cons of each style and what features are right for you. Not every hearing solution will be the same for all people, which is why you should book an appointment with the right hearing care professional as soon as you notice any issue with your hearing. 

It’s essential that you look after your hearing health as much as you can, as your hearing can be affected in many ways. With the right advice from a hearing care professional, you’re going to be able to feel secure in your hearing. Learn more about West Family Hearing and call at 425-245-8507 today for an appointment, and you’ll be able to look after your hearing going forward.

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