What Can I Expect As I Adjust To My New Hearing Aids?

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Getting new hearing aids can be exciting, especially if you always like trying out a new gadget. It can also be a period of adjustment, especially if it's your first-time using hearing aids. As you get used to your hearing aids, everything will likely sound a little different at first. If you've ever got a new prescription for your glasses, you know that it can be odd to have one of your senses operating a little differently suddenly. Many people can have hearing loss for years before getting hearing aids, which can feel like a significant change.

What to expect

Knowing what to expect when you start using your hearing aids can help you to adjust. There are some things that you can expect to happen as you begin to wear your hearing aids and get used to using them. Firstly, you will obviously hear sounds louder and more clearly. The soft sounds that you might have been struggling to hear before should now be audible again. If it has taken you a long time to get hearing aids, everything might even sound a little too loud, but make sure to allow yourself time to adjust. One thing to keep in mind is not to expect perfection. Hearing aids can help a lot, but they're not a replacement for perfect hearing.

Making sure your hearing aids are comfortable

Your comfort should be your top priority when you start using hearing aids. They should feel comfortable when you're wearing them, and the sound should be at a comfortable level too. If you have an experienced professional to fit your hearing aids for you, they should help you to make sure your hearing aids fit well. They will also adjust the settings so that they are right for your level of hearing loss. You shouldn't feel any soreness or pain when wearing your hearing aids, and you should return to your hearing aid fitter if you do.

When to wear your hearing aids

When you first start wearing your hearing aids, you might not want to wear them all the time. As you are adjusting, you need to train your ears and your brain to work with your hearing aids. Although you should use them regularly to get used to them, don't jump straight into wearing them all day and every day. You might want to start by wearing them for shorter periods at home, where you can control the noise and adjust in a quieter environment.

Learning to use your hearing aids

You can also expect there to be a learning curve as you start using your hearing aids. Hearing aids can have various features, and some are more complicated than others. But whether you just need to know how to control the volume or you want to be able to connect to other devices using Bluetooth, it can take you a while to learn how to operate your hearing aids. Your hearing instrument specialist can show you some of the key functions to make it easier.

What's normal?

You can hear a variety of noises when you're adjusting to your hearing aids, so it's not always easy to tell what's normal and what isn't. If your voice sounds strange with your new hearing aids, that's a common issue that you will adjust to. When you're putting your hearing aids in, you will hear feedback as you insert them unless you turn them off. However, you shouldn't hear any feedback once your hearing aids are in. While everything will be louder, you should find that normal noises are painful for you to hear.

Follow-up appointments

While you are adjusting to your new hearing aids, follow-up appointments with your hearing instrument specialist help you to ensure everything is going well. They can make adjustments to your hearing aids if you need them and check that they feel comfortable for you. During the trial period when you test your hearing aids, you might return to your hearing instrument specialist a number of times for adjustments. However, after that you won't need to see them as frequently. You might still want to arrange a follow-up appointment a few months in the future.

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