Is it Better to Replace Than Repair Your Hearing Aids?


If you rely on hearing aids for your daily life then you might be wondering if it’s best to replace or repair your hearing aids should they encounter some kind of problem. There are several factors to consider when deciding between hearing aid repairs or replacement, including the following:

The cost of repairing and replacing

When it comes to determining whether or not you should repair or replace your hearing aids, consider what kind of budget you have. With a small deposit and the deals or financing your hearing instrument specialist can offer, purchasing a new pair may not be as costly as you anticipate. While replacement typically costs more than repairs, you’ll get a completely new hearing aid which will ensure its quality and technological upgrades. You don’t need to worry about things such as the hearing aids breaking shortly after the replacement and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are completely up to date.

On the contrary, if your hearing aid repairs aren’t extensive and your devices are relatively new, fixing them could be a much more cost-effective solution. Most hearing instrument specialists offer repairs in their office, which can cut down on the costs and the time you wait to get your devices back. Talk with your HIS about which option is ideal for you and the benefits of both.

Are you in need of a hearing aid upgrade?

If your hearing aids aren’t working very well or your needs are outnumbering the features it has, then it’s a good chance to actually replace your hearing aids instead of simply getting a replacement. While hearing aids don’t require many features to function, there could be a few features that are important to you.

For instance, if your existing hearing aids do not have features to combat tinnitus, then there are likely newer hearing aid options that also come with sound generation features to help mask tinnitus or have multiple profiles which allow you to quickly switch between the settings. Another example is having wireless functionality which allows you to pair your mobile device with your hearing aids, meaning you can listen to music and answer calls without having to remove your hearing aids or place your phone against them.

Do you have hearing aid insurance?

Many people decide to purchase additional hearing aid insurance after selecting their devices. These plans offer benefits ranging from routine maintenance checkups to coverage for repairs. Some plans will offer free repairs at certain locations or solve specific issues, while others will help you pay for completely new hearing aids.

Each insurance plan is different so it’s best to examine what options you have available to you before you make a decision regarding what to do. If you’re unsure about your insurance plan and need more help, then don’t hesitate to contact your provider for more details. If you’ve yet to purchase hearing aids, then you can contact your hearing instrument specialist to find out more about the insurance plans available and how they can help you in the event that your hearing aids need to be repaired or replaced.

Consider a second pair of hearing aids

It’s incredibly useful to have a second pair of hearing aids that can be used temporarily if you’re worried about your current pair breaking or being damaged. Having a spare pair means that you can take your time making the decision of either repairing or replacing your existing hearing aids and it means you can instantly get relief to ensure that you’re never without your hearing.

A second pair of hearing aids may require additional financing, but the benefits of having a spare set are endless. Whether your hearing aids are out of date or simply aren’t functioning quite as well as they once used to, talk to your professional about what an extra pair of hearing aids can do for you.

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