How Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Overall Health and Wellness?

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Hearing loss is a common problem, but it's one that many people find difficult to confront. However, the longer you leave hearing loss without addressing it, the more it can begin to affect your life. Hearing loss can cause a wide range of problems for your health and wellness and your quality of life and happiness. When you're finding it hard to hear, it can be a struggle to do many of the things that you were once able to do. If you want to make sure that hearing loss doesn't affect your life too much, you should be aware of how it could change things for you.

How hearing loss can affect your brain

Hearing loss may actually have an impact on your brain, especially if it is left untreated. There is evidence that if you have hearing loss, it could mean that your brain atrophies at a faster rate than normal. It could affect your memory and might increase your chances of developing Alzheimer's and other types of dementia. Being unable to hear makes your brain work harder to try and get information about the sounds around you, and to concentrate on whatever you're doing. Hearing loss can also affect your balance because your ears are an essential part of the balance system that tells your brain how you're oriented.

Changes in your behavior and mood

Experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss can lead to you changing the way that you behave, and can cause changes in your mood too. When you can't hear as well as you used to, you often need to do things like asking people to repeat themselves. This can feel embarrassing and cause you to feel less confident too. You might feel like you're being ignored or you could find yourself getting angry or irritable when you can't hear well. Difficulty hearing can often make you feel tired, too because you have to try harder to concentrate.

How people around you might change

Another thing that you might notice is that those around you change their behavior. Although this doesn't necessarily relate directly to your health and wellness, it can affect the way that you feel. You might find that other people sometimes talk for you or talk over you, or that someone else is always having to help you with communication. People around you might also get frustrated if you have to ask them to repeat themselves a lot or if they feel like they have to be your interpreter.

Social isolation

Hearing loss can often lead to social isolation. When you have hearing loss, it can make it difficult to hold a conversation, particularly in busy places. When there is a lot of background noise, concentrating on the conversation that you're having with the people close to you can be tough. You might find it more challenging to go out with friends, see a movie or even talk to others at work. Sometimes you can find that others are choosing to move away from you, or you can start to withdraw because you already feel isolated and left out.

Hearing loss and safety

You might also find that hearing loss makes you less safe. If you can't hear well, it means that you might not be able to use some of the aural cues that you usually use to stay safe. For example, you might not be able to hear traffic approaching as well as you used to, making it less safe for you to cross the road. You might find it more difficult to hear all kinds of alarms and notifications that are designed to help keep you safe. Or you might not be able to hear someone saying your name to give you a warning.

Hearing loss and job satisfaction

Hearing loss could even lead to you being unhappy at work. It's common for hearing loss to affect how well people can do their job and also to make it more difficult for them to find a job that they want. You can find it more difficult both to socialize at work and to communicate with your colleagues when you're working.

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