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Tinnitus can be a frustrating and difficult condition to deal with. It’s often described as a high-pitched whine, buzz or screech that we can hear constantly or intermittently. It’s known as a subjective sound because it can only be heard by us, and this is because it’s being caused by damaged nerves in our hearing. The two conditions are linked and those with hearing loss often also experience tinnitus on a regular basis. The effects can last for just a few minutes or they can last for hours on end, disrupting our sleep schedule or even making it difficult for us to get any work done.

Because of this, it’s important to look at solutions for tinnitus. Your hearing instrument specialist might recommend that you seek therapy to retrain your brain to phase out the tinnitus sounds or they could recommend that you undergo an ear inspection to see if there are any blockages or issues in your ear causing the tinnitus. However, a more practical and immediate solution is to use a hearing aid that can not only help you deal with hearing loss but also has features to assist in remedying your tinnitus.

Hearing aids can help reduce tinnitus by themselves

One of the quirks about hearing aids is that they can automatically filter out certain frequencies as part of how they work already. Hearing aids take input from the sounds around you and process them inside of your hearing aid to raise or lower certain frequencies to create a balanced sound. Because hearing loss often occurs at the same frequencies as tinnitus, your hearing aids will actually compensate by masking your tinnitus. This is one of the advantages of using hearing aids and is also one of the reasons why a hearing aid will be suggested for both tinnitus and hearing loss.

Being able to have a single device that helps you cope with both hearing loss and tinnitus can be incredibly convenient and is the recommended way to help you cope with tinnitus. However, there are also hearing aids with separate noise generators that can produce a sound at the frequency which you are experiencing tinnitus to help it mask the sound and create a more comfortable sensation.

Hearing aids made specifically for tinnitus

Hearing aids can also contain tinnitus therapy features that will produce a variety of different signals at varying frequencies in order to mask your tinnitus. Your hearing instrument specialist can recommend these if you let them know about your tinnitus and allow them to include it in your hearing tests. These features are often activated automatically but if your hearing aid has a set of features then it could be activated with a push of a button on the hearing aid itself.

The idea behind a tinnitus therapy device is that it will produce a pleasant sound that masks the tinnitus. This means that it will not completely remove it, but it does provide relief whenever you’re using your hearing aids. Although hearing aids can also mask tinnitus without a specially designed tinnitus therapy device, there are occasions where the tinnitus occurs at a different frequency to your hearing loss. This will require the use of a separate therapy device which can be built into your existing hearing aid.

Do I need a hearing aid for tinnitus?

It’s recommended that you do look for a hearing aid which can help you cope with both tinnitus and hearing loss. Having a separate device won’t be convenient and tinnitus itself can be a very frustrating condition to deal with. Your hearing instrument specialist will likely have several ideas for how you can cope with your tinnitus, but having a hearing aid with a built-in masking device is likely the most convenient way to do so.

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