Four Myths About Hearing Aids Debunked

Man with Hearing Aid

When it comes to hearing aids, there tends to be a lot of gossip flying around. Many baseless myths go around regarding hearing aids; many of these can put people off investing in hearing aids or even going to visit a hearing specialist. Many of these myths can even damage people who are unaware of the effects of untreated hearing loss. Consider the top four myths regarding hearing aids and how they’re untrue.

Hearing aids are only required by seniors with hearing loss

Hearing specialists tend to the hearing of many people, not just seniors with hearing loss. A large majority of people suffering from hearing loss are actually younger than 65. This is because aging is just one of the many causes of hearing loss, and you’re more likely to suffer from hearing loss as a result of environmental or lifestyle choices rather than your age. If you feel like you’re having trouble with your hearing, then you should visit a hearing health professional regardless of how old you are.

Hearing aids make you look old because they’re big and bulky

Hearing aids usually come with a stigma because they’re usually visibly worn by seniors. However, thanks to advances in recent technology, they’re available in small and discreet sizes and there are some types that are virtually invisible to the naked eye unless you look very closely. There’s also the fact that not wearing hearing aids will make you look older than if you did because you’ll be constantly asking people around you to repeat what they’re saying. This is more of an issue than the appearance of hearing aids.

Hearing aids are expensive and require a lot of money investment

Hearing aids can be costly, but there are many options that can make them more affordable. Your hearing care provider will be able to assist you with financial support if you find hearing aids to be too big of an investment. Other options include the VA if you’re a former service member, AARP, insurance and more.

Hearing aids are only required in the ear that has hearing loss

Hearing aids can be worn in both ears even if your hearing loss is only apparent in one ear. While wearing just a single hearing aid can be beneficial, it’s actually a good idea to wear a hearing aid in both ears because the sounds picked up by your good ear will also be relayed to your other ear through your hearing aids. This can significantly improve your hearing in both ears.

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