Can Hearing Loss be Reversed?

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There is a multitude of hearing problems that cause hearing loss and not all of them are permanent. It is vital that you speak to a professional to ensure you get a correct diagnosis so that you understand the condition properly and can take the necessary steps to help yourself. In this guide, we’re going to run through some of the common hearing problems that you might encounter and reveal whether or not the problem can be reversed. At West Family Hearing, we strive to help you communicate with the world around you again, which is why we offer hearing tests and a variety of solutions to meet your specialized needs.

Earwax buildup

Ears blocked by wax build ups can be sore, uncomfortable and cause you to lose your hearing. But the good news is it is reversible. Over time, your ears should clean themselves out, as long as you aren’t trying to use cotton swabs to speed things up a little. If you do go down the swab route, you could end up pushing a lot of the wax deeper into your ear and it may well end up getting stuck, hardening and causing you more problems. Instead of using cotton swabs, just put a few drops of mineral oil into your ears – it softens the wax and encourages it to come out.

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss

If you lose a small part or all of your hearing over a few days or in one single moment, you may be experiencing sudden sensorineural hearing loss. But is this condition temporary or permanent? Well, it depends. Around half of all people who develop this problem will regain their hearing on their own, without any assistance. However, it doesn’t always happen immediately and may take a fortnight or so to return.

Infections of the ear

Ear infections tend to occur when there is fluid stuck in your ear and bacteria starts to grow or can also be the result of a viral condition. The vast majority of ear infections you get will give you varying degrees of hearing loss – but in almost every case it will be reversible. A course of antibiotics can be prescribed by a medical professional to help you get over the problem and symptoms should clear up.

Age-related hearing loss

The vast majority of people on the planet will eventually suffer from some form of hearing loss as they get older. It’s one of the tradeoffs we have to put up with thanks to the rising average lifespan and the ear is something that is incredibly complex and delicate. Over many years, the little hairs that grow in your ears will receive damage of varying forms and unfortunately, they do not grow back, which means that age-related hearing loss is irreversible. However, your hearing instrument specialist will be able to help you work around the problem with equipment such as hearing aids.

Noise-induced hearing loss

Extended time spent in environments of noise or one particularly loud burst of sound, is actually enough to damage your hearing. When loud sound waves enter your ear canals, they can destroy the tiny hairs responsible for transmitting noise and cannot be regenerated. While this type of hearing loss isn’t reversible, it can be prevented by wearing appropriate hearing protection when working around noise or enjoying a concert.

As you can see, hearing loss isn’t necessarily irreversible. In most cases, in fact, the problem may eventually go away without you having to do a thing – it’s the ear’s self-repair that does the trick just fine by itself. However, if your hearing loss lasts for more than a couple of days, it is essential to see a professional. And if your hearing is declining, the only way you will hear better again is by seeing a hearing instrument specialist.

If you have hearing problems of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at West Family Hearing. We understand how important hearing is to your daily life – from communicating with loved ones and friends – to coworkers and supervisors. Our friendly team of hearing instrument specialists will be able to work with you to ensure you get the perfect hearing aid and understand your problem completely. If you have questions about any of our services or would simply like to schedule an appointment, you can call us here at (425) 245-8507.

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