4 Signs You Need Ear Protection

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Our ears can easily suffer from irreversible damage if we’re not careful. Whether you’re using a blender, playing music or even taking public transport, you could be exposing yourself to loud noises that are going to permanently affect our hearing in the long run.

But when exactly do we need hearing protection, and how bad does it need to get before we consider investing in ear protection? In this article, we’re going to explain four signs that let you know you absolutely need hearing protection.

1. You work in a profession with loud noises

If you have to work in a profession that exposes you to loud noises, then it’s a good idea to invest in hearing protection. For example, if you need to use power tools, loud machinery or play in a band, then it’s a good idea to have hearing protection that preserves your ears. The last thing you want is for your job to ruin your hearing, so make sure you speak to your audiologist and ask them about any kind of hearing protection that would suit your personal needs in the workplace.

2. If you need to shout very loud to get a point across

If you regularly find yourself shouting just to get someone’s attention, be it in a workplace or at a certain location, then it’s a good idea to invest in hearing protection. This is because shouting in itself is often loud enough to cause hearing damage. If you have to shout, then it’s likely because the noises around you are far too loud and you need to speak over time. Hearing protection means that you’ll be able to avoid those loud background noises. If you still need to communicate, then you can temporarily take them off or consider another form of communication such as messaging or using ear protection with headphones.

3. Ringing in your ears

Also known as tinnitus, ringing in your ears can be incredibly annoying but it’s also a sign that you’re in an environment that is far too loud. This can often happen in places like clubs or a construction site. If you feel like the ringing is unbearable, then you may want to speak to your audiologist about tinnitus and ask them to examine your ears when possible.

4. You encounter hearing problems after certain activities

Whether it’s after you’re finished at work or when you finish playing music with your band, experiencing hearing issues means that you’re likely going to need hearing protection in the foreseeable future. Something as simple as listening to loud music could affect your hearing and make your ears uncomfortable, so always keep your ears in mind.

Don’t ignore the ringing in your ears and don’t avoid confronting any kind of hearing issues. Hearing loss is permanent and can occur more quickly than you think. If you’re concerned about the safety of your ears, speak to your audiologist and book an appointment so that you can deal with the issues before they turn into a major issue.

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