3 Questions to Ask About BTE Hearing Aids

BTE Hearing Aid

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are possibly one of the types that you're most familiar with. As one of the more visible types of hearing aid, you've likely seen someone wearing one. However, although they are more visible than other types of hearing aid, they can still be discreet. This style of hearing aid is slimmer than it was in the past, providing a comfortable hearing aid that isn't as noticeable as it once was. If you're considering BTE hearing aids or you just want to know more about them, you can speak to your hearing care provider about what they could do for you. Here are three of the questions you might want to ask of your hearing specialist.

What are the benefits of BTE hearing aids?

One of the first things you will want to know is how BTE hearing aids might be able to benefit you. With several other types of hearing aid available, plus the choice not to use hearing aids, you need to know that a BTE hearing aid will offer you what you need. BTE hearing aids offer a number of advantages for people who experience hearing difficulties.

  • Ease of control: BTE hearing aids give you the ability to control volume and switch between different programs for different environments, as well as use the telecoil in public spaces.
  • Easy to use: This style of hearing aid is also easy to use and simple to handle. They can be customized too, with features such as direct audio input.
  • Durability: These hearing aids can last for longer compared to other styles and can be more reliable too. They're flexible and can even be made to attack to the arms of eyeglasses to make them more comfortable.

Are BTE hearing aids right for me?

BTE hearing aids might offer a number of overall advantages, but it's important to think about whether they will meet your needs. When you're speaking to your hearing health professional, ask them specifically what advantages BTE hearing aids can offer you. Everyone's personal requirements and preferences are different, so you should discuss it carefully. Of course, the most important thing to check is that BTE hearing aids are suitable for your level of hearing loss. Fortunately, this particular style of hearing aid can be used for anything from moderate to severe hearing loss.

How will my BTE hearing aids be fitted?

It's also helpful to know about the process of having BTE hearing aids fitted. You will know what to expect if you decide to choose BTE hearing aids, and understand how your hearing aids will be made comfortable for you. Every hearing specialist might describe and carry out the process slightly differently, but there are a few things that will essentially stay the same. BTE hearing aids generally come in a two-part design and having them fitted will include taking impressions of your ears. This is so that the part that fits inside your ear fits well. When your hearing aids are ready, your hearing specialist can adjust them. A follow-up appointment can help you ensure you're getting along with them.

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